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Beautiful religions?

The two religions of Christianity and Islam are incompatible as far as both being true.  There is no reason that each could not share this same planet in peace but to pretend that they are different facets of the same jewel  is simply wrong. For a christian or one who is sympathetic to the Christian faith to say that Islam is a 'beautiful' religion is actually insulting  Christ Jesus and calliing Him and His Word a lie. Islam denies the deity of Christ and his death for our sins. That is an insult to Christ Jesus and the Christian faith.
       It is better to quit  pretending that  both are 'beautiful' religions and realize that they are totally different. This does not mean both have to fight, only to make their positions clear so others can make informed choices.

Give and Take

He who rejects the mercy found in Christ Jesus,

Embraces the mercy found in evil.